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Aesthetician Christine Giustra has this to say about Nectin's lightweight heavy-hitting mineral sun protectant: "At this point all of our aesthetics clients, whether we are working on acne, hyperpigmentation, or skin rejuvenation, have now switched over to deflectin. It's a carefully composed all-zinc SPF 40 that is lightly hydrating, "breathable" (yes of course I know skin doesn't have lungs, but many people have issues with suffocated-feeling skin using high % mineral sunscreens so that surface feel is worth mentioning), and has just a pinch of buff mineral tint - not enough to look like you're wearing makeup, but enough to offset the whitish cast the zinc might otherwise give. Naturally, since it's coming from my armamentarium, it's free of cloggers and irritants that would set back the progress of professional treatments and skincare."  Get that sheer comfortable coverage today!



• Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.

• Reapply:  (1) After 40 minutes of swimming or sweating,  (2) Immediately after towel drying,  (3) At least every 2 hours.



  • Key Ingredients

    Zinc Oxide 20% (Sunscreen & Tissue Repair).

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