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Our standard practice is to send your package via USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 days of receiving it - often much sooner!

If you are a Spa Aeon guest and prefer to place your order for in-spa pickup, you may still do so here.  Once placed, please text the spa at (404) 496-8763 for pickup instructions - again, we endeavor to find a pickup time for you within 2-3 days of your order placement, often sooner. 

If you have questions about availability prior to placing your order, you are also welcome to text.


As customized clinical skincare line, we know that Nectin's offerings may seem daunting.  The Aestheticians at Nectin Creator Christine Giustra's flagship Spa Aeon will be more than happy to review your skin concerns using the Clinical Skincare Intake Form linked at , just as if you were preparing for an in-person appointment.  The greater the detail with which you complete the Intake, the more customized we can make your Nectin at-home routine!

Your contact information is never shared.

PAYMENT METHODS uses PayPal as our processor, meaning you may log in to our site itself to access your purchase history, or sign into your PayPal account to use either of PayPal's express checkout services if you prefer.
  • How do I know if Nectin is right for me?
    Do you have skin?
  • What if I am already using prescription skincare?
    Please make a note in your order if you're using any prescription skincare, so that we can let you know if there is likely to be a contraindication.
  • Why are you so hype about sunscreen?
    Nectin is a results-oriented clinical skincare line with many ingredients that are either sensitive to light themselves, or may make the skin more sensitive to high energy light exposure. Even if you're using your active, exfoliating skincare steps primarily at night, it's imperative to use daily SPF to reach the results you are hoping for. Since we know SPF texture is the primary impediment to daily use, we formulated not one but two glorious irritant-free, broad-spectrum, acne-safe sunscreens so you can choose the one that is most comfy for your skin.


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